Air Show

Check the programme and the performers of Aqaba Air Show 2020

What should I bring?

Comfortable outfit

Air shows last several hours. It is worth dressing comfortably so that you feel comfortable all the time. Sometimes it is most convenient to admire the planes sitting on the ground. Tight outfit is not the best solution in this case.

Air Show means noise

A few hours of intense aircraft engine noise can cause some discomfort. That is why it is worth taking ear plugs with you to the show, especially for children. The youngest kids should have special earmuffs.

What to take with you

You can take a small fold-out chair, a sleeping pad or blanket, a camera, binoculars. It’s worth having a bottle of water with you. You can also take small but nutritious snacks with you. Don’t forget about sunglasses, a high filter and something to help you protect your head from the sun.

These items are not allowed

It is not allowed to bring:

  • hazardous materials such as weapons, ammunition, explosives, pyrotechnic or flammable materials;
  • balloons and toys or other objects that can move in the air in an uncontrolled manner;
  • laser pointers;
  • unmanned aerial vehicles or drones;
  • marketing and advertising materials without the organizer’s consent;
  • containers for spraying gas, corrosive or dyeing substances.


It is a common practice that the pilots are applauded for their amazing performances. The problem is that a pilot, especially in the air, will not hear the applause. Therefore, instead of clapping your hands it is better to wave to pilots. At a typical show altitude, provided the pilot is looking at the audience, he will easily see your raised hands.