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12th March 2020, 11:27 am

Little Extras

Take a journey of rejuvenation, relaxation and reflection at one of Aqaba Spas. Inspire and awaken your senses with a selection of exclusive spa experiences and treatments. Choose from Moroccan and Turkish Baths, the Dead Sea salt body scrubs and sauna steam rooms to outstanding hydro pools.

Beauty treatments at local salons

If you are looking for something traditional and at a reasonable price, then try the traditional lemon and sugar hair removal treatment to achieve the perfect skin smoothness for the beach.

The joys of pampering

Major hotels and independent spas of Aqaba now offer the chance to enjoy and relax at a sauna, whirlpool, jacuzzi, and provide massage or beauty treatments. For a real oriental experience, we recommend Janna Spa.

Hop on an open bus tour

Don’t feel like walking? No problem! Give your feet a break while enjoying the refreshing breeze as you roll through the city’s major sites and attractions by bus. Different routes and times are available, including a 45-minute ride that covers the city centre and market as well as one and a half-hour ride that will take you from the city centre to South Beach.

Discover Aqaba by foot

Discover Aqaba by foot when the day is winding down. All of the attractions are within a walking distance and can be easily reached from your hotel.

Spend the day at Aqaba’s Beach Clubs and Private Beaches

In Aqaba, you can find several private beaches. Even most of the non-beach hotels in Aqaba offer packages with access to private beaches such as Tala Bay Beach Club, and Berenice Beach Club.

Setting the tone for an unforgettable sunset cruise!

Watch the sun setting down behind the mountains to the west of the Red Sea, while Aqaba’s mountains change their colors to warm amber. Enjoy a moment of serenity, listen to soft music in the background while having your favourite drink in your hand.