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11th March 2020, 4:30 pm

Adventure Aqaba

Aqaba – Your Next Diving Destination

Aqaba on the Red Sea truly is every diver’s delight. Clear, warm waters allow the sun to penetrate the sea to the depth of 150 meters illuminating a paradise hidden underneath the waves. Hundreds of species of corals, fish and crustacean surround the diver in the dazzling colours of life. A variety of habitats and diving sites, ranging from easy shore diving to intriguing wreck and boat dives makes Aqaba the perfect destination for all levels of experience. The Jordanian coast offers over 20 different dive sites with drop-offs and walls starting from just 10 meters and a shipwreck starting at only 8 meters below the sea surface.

Availability of professional diving facilities guarantee complete diving experience, and with its mild climate makes it an ideal location for year-round scuba diving.

The water temperature reaches an average of 22.5 degrees Celsius, dropping to 20 degrees in the winter. The currents are minimal if any, and the visibility generally exceeds 20 meters.

Underwater photography

From a beginner to a pro photographer, everyone will find something for themselves.  Gulf of Aqaba, rich with themes ranging from breathtaking wide-angle motifs to unique macro subjects is a perfect spot for underwater photography.

Night diving

If you are a bit more advanced diver, don’t miss night diving. An entirely different experience to diving during the day offers the chance to witness night-time marine life and unique behaviours.

Explore the wonders of the Aqaba Gulf in a glass-bottomed boat

Take a ride and watch the fish thru the boat glass bottom, or join a trip combined with snorkelling.

Go wild and try new water sports

Experience exciting water sports on the Jordanian coast of the Red Sea. Windsurfing means unforgettable moments while riding the waves and catching the wind. Have fun with banana boats and tube rides, try jet skis and water skiing, or paddle a canoe or paddleboard.

Get ready for a breathtaking adventure and try parasailing

Fly high with family and friends, while watching the panoramic scenery of the Red Sea.

Aqaba. Place of sandy beaches where the sun always shines

You can have lots of fun with banana boats, tube rides, jet skis and water skiing. You can even paddle your own canoe.

Experience the Wake Park

Experience a new level of water sports thrills at Ayla B12 beach – Jordan’s first cable wake park.

The state-of-the-art 422 meters cable wake park facility was designed for both professionals and amateurs in mind, with an exciting string of obstacles, ramps and sliders and wide-open spaces for acrobatic water tricks, water-skiing and kneeboarding, providing all the necessary rental equipment, as well.

Beach Volleyball by the sea

Grab a beach volleyball and let the fun begin. Get to know lots of other holidaymakers over a relaxed game and cool off with a refreshing drink at a bar after a friendly match next to the sea. Aqaba, with its mild weather year-round, provides ideal conditions to play and games can be joined at several sand courts at beach hotels and resorts along the coastline.

Take a Submarine Ride

Have a glimpse at the incredible underwater world of the Red Sea in a new, exciting setting. Onboard a submarine, you can admire a variety of exotic fish and the iridescent coral reefs of the Gulf of Aqaba.

Go Fishing

It is all about unwinding under the sun, being in the open sea, smelling that refreshing ocean breeze to take your mind to another dimension. A fresh catch for lunch isn’t such a bad idea either. Meet local fishermen and listen to their stories while fishing in the sea. Don’t worry if it is your first time, an experienced captain and his crew will give you a hand with the equipment and techniques to increase your chances of a good catch.

Go Golfing at Ayla Golf Course

For every golf enthusiast visiting Aqaba, a trip to Jordan’s first 18-hole par-72 golf course is a must. Ranked among world’s top three eco-friendly golf courses, the Ayla Golf Course boasts a spectacular setting of the majestic mountains of Aqaba bay.

Soar Over Aqaba (Ultra Lighting)

Get the best view of Aqaba, and its surroundings ever – Ultra Light Flight brings you the beauty of Aqaba in a unique one on one air experience.

Take off from Aqaba’s King Hussein International Airport and fly above the city to see all its features. It is also possible to take this flight together with an aerial tour of Wadi Rum covering Lawrence’s spring and the Seven Pillars of Wisdom.